The protagonists of The Merry Widow indulge in an erotic interplay of power. The trigger is the class difference that still prevails in Paris at the beginning of the 20th century: Count Danilo was not allowed to marry the middle-class artist Hanna Glawari, whom he loved, and he becomes a bon vivant. A well-considered marriage made her a widow of a millionaire and she becomes the focus of attention: as a young, highly attractive and wealthy woman, the hearts of men lie at her feet. Danilo meets the former love of his youth at a ball and the old feelings flare up again. But Hanna’s millions weigh heavily on a possible relationship…


Operetta by Victor Léon and Leo Stein • New version as a revue operetta by Thomas Enzinger and Jenny W. Gregor • Music by Franz Lehár • Songtexts by Rudolf Schanzer and Ernst Welisch • Adaptation based on historical models by Henning Hagedorn and Matthias Grimminger • In German language




The musical »Evita« tells the story about Eva Perón, who was much more than »just« the Argentinian President’s wife. Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical paints an impressive portrait of a personality that is as dazzling as tragic, with captivating ballads and passionate tango sounds.

Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber.
Lyrics by Tim Rice.
Staging of the original production by Harold Prince.
German by Michael Kunze.
Co-production with the Theater Bonn.

In German language.
Duration: 150 Min




After the miller’s death, the two older sons inherite a mill and a valuable donkey. The youngest remains only a small tomcat. When he wants to pull the fur over the ears of the seemingly worthless animal to make a hat out of it, the cat suddenly begins to speak…


Family opera based on a fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm.
Libretto by Nestor Lujan.
Version for chamber orchestra by Alberto Guinovart, rev. 2014

In German language – with subtitles.
Duration: approx. 60 minutes, no break.