NARCISSUS  //  work in progress

Narcissus is a Solo Dance piece, based in the Greek Legend. This is an original creation, where I combine aerial and theater segments into the dance story. The challenge of choreographing and dancing at the same time is my goal to cross new limits. The theater direction is in the hands of the great Lars Evers (Germany).

Due to the Coronavirus Crisis, the rehearsals were settled down and we will restart with them as soon as possible. The official date for a premiere is not clear for the moment. We expect to bring Narcissus to life in Spring 2020.


#TALKTOME is the lastest creation for Tempecy Dance Company (TDC), in Estonia. This is a dance production about communication and its issues. It shows us how to see the way we communicate with eachother from another perspective. The piece represents the real connection between people, and the confrontation of the problems and misunderstandings that sometimes occur when they try to express themselves. The piece can be understood as a conversation throughout bodies, a poetic interpretation of a rough scream, that needs to be heard.

The shows were cancelled due the Coronavirus Crisis but they will be rescheduled between July 2020 and the saison 2020/2021, starting in September.



International Festival in Latinamerica

The Festival Fiesta Nacional de la Vendimia (The Grape Harvest National Festival) in Mendoza, Argentine, is one of the 5 biggest Traditional  Shows in the world, with an international recognizance, leading this list with the Carnaval in Rio, the Mask Parade in Venice, the New Year’s Celebration in China and the Día de los Muertos Celebration in Mexico.

I had the honor of playing the main role in the last show Tejido en Tiempo de Vendimia, a breathtaking show for more than 20.000 persons in the audience. Once in a lifetime!